About me

I was born in Norway, but have lived in Denmark since 1970. You might say I am an autodidact within the area of painting, but I finished my education as a teacher from Hellerup Seminarium in 1982, and one of my main subjects was art.

I have always been drawing and painting - it´s a necessity for me to live out my creative sides. In other words - it´s a great passion.

When I paint, I sometimes find myself in a "meditative" room, where I can just "be". The closest I can get to being in a childlike state as an adult that we all probably can remember.

I live an hours drive outside Copenhagen in a beautiful area called Hornsherred, with wonderful nature - woods and beaches, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

I am also a big animal lover,  which influences my choice of motifs.

Maybritt Leonard

You don´t need an explanation to understand my pictures and the symbols I use. I rather want people to feel and experience my pictures, because I always try to paint from my heart.

Some people might say I am a little bit naiv, but I see myself as an open and curious person - well oriented and interested in what`s going on both here in little Denmark and outside the "pond" so to speak.

In my family I have experienced deep sorrow and illness. Also in my work life I have had to deal with people who have experienced war, sorrow and traumas.

Maybe because of that it is a necessity for me to occupy myself with positive, life-affirming subjects in my pictures. I love to tell stories, sometimes funny, whimsical and naiv.

In my opinion there is so much violence, cruelty and meaninglessness going on in this world, and we, in this modern day and age are being bombarded with bad news every day. Therefor I find it extremely important to put focus on all the positive and lovely things in this life.

I think it is important to appreciate this wonderful life and this beautiful planet that we are living on.

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